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2 Dead After Head-On Collision on Tamiami Trail

Two drivers are dead after a head-on collision that occurred in the morning hours of Monday on Tamiami Trail. Both drivers, one so far unnamed by officials, were killed at the scene. Reports indicate that Jerome McKinnley Huggins, driving his Ford Mustang, crossed over the line early in the morning, colliding with the second driver’s Chevy Silverado, causing massive damage to both vehicles, and killing both drivers at the scene. The accident itself caused delays for long periods of time in both directions, as emergency personnel struggled to disentangle the vehicles in an attempt to gather some information on the situation. Officers report that this is the third fatal accident on the trail in a short amount of time.

The scene was apparently so bad that police were having trouble telling parts of the vehicles apart, with debris spreading across both lanes, the shoulders, and the levees on both sides of the road. Head-on collisions like this one are often the most dangerous types of accidents, that can leave devastation on both sides of the accident. Death and very serious injury are common in this type of accident, and oftentimes, they require serious litigation to manage the expenses and suffering experienced after a major accident. You can continue to read the storyhere.

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