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Partners Jonathan Friedland, Michael Carmona, and the Friedland Carmona Team pictured with Keynote Speaker and Miami Dolphins Defensive End, Charles Harris

Friedland Carmona was honored to attend the 10th Annual Shop to Stop MS fundraiser as a Gold Sponsor on Wednesday, November 14th. Making its 10th appearance at Saks Fifth Avenue Dadeland, this annual community event aims to raise both funds and awareness for the UHealth Multiple Sclerosis Center for Excellence.

Led by Dr. Kottil Rammohan and his team, the MS Center for Excellence uses proceeds from the event for patient care, specifically for patients who do not have insurance or who cannot afford the cost of treatment. Funds will also be used to further Multiple Sclerosis research and awareness.

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Purchasing groceries from a super market comes with the an unspoken trust. We expect that the grocery store has taken proper care of the food throughout the distribution and transportation process, as has stored the food at a safe temperature inside the super market.

As a recent Pinellas Circuit Court filing reminds us, super markets are required to do much more than simply keep our food safe; they must also maintain a safe environment for all of the patrons on the premises.

Just last month, a Winn-Dixie in Miami Lakes was forced to pay more than $4.8 Million for pain, suffering, and future medical expenses to a patron that slipped and fell on an unidentified puddle of water.

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September in South Florida means that storm season is here, and with the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Irma rapidly approaching, it is imperative that you and your family take the necessary precautions before it is too late. While hurricane season is certainly an unsettling time of year, you and your family can take steps to ensure that your property is safe. Though property insurance cannot physically protect your home from nature’s elements, it legally protects you in the event that there is damage to your property after the storm passes.

How can you protect yourself?

  1. Preparation is key. Now is the time to make sure that your property insurance is up to date on any home you may own. Be sure that your policy extends coverage through the end of the calendar year, and that all of the necessary premiums have been paid. Missing payments and failing to renew your policy in time could put your policy in bad standing with your insurance company, which would prevent you from making a valid property damage claim after the storm.
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The Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Orlando location had more than 55 million visitors to “The Happiest Place on Earth” in 2017 alone. Formally known as Walt Disney World, the theme park has branded itself as the picture perfect getaway destination for children and families alike. Many South Florida residents consider Disney World an ideal weekend escape thanks to its proximity, yet few know of the dangers that can arise on Disney’s various properties.

The entertainment and media super-conglomerate is no stranger to personal injury claims, as Disney has negotiated settlement agreements with guests when it knew or should have known of the dangerous condition that caused a guest’s injuries. Following the horrific wrongful death of a two-year-old boy at Disney’s Seven Seas Lagoon in June of 2016, two additional lawsuits alleging Disney’s negligence were filed in Orange County Circuit Court last month.

On July 25th, a Palm Beach County resident filed a complaint against Walt Disney Parks and Resorts US Inc. The complaint alleges that Disney negligently failed to act with reasonable care for the guest’s safety. The man in question was injured in the stairwell of Disney’s All-Star Music Resort, after he slipped and fell on a wet substance.

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Michael Carmona and his team recently won a settlement upwards of a million dollars for a client who suffered from a tragic pedestrian accident.

The firm’s client was a 34-year-old wife and mother of two young children at the time of the accident. In early January 2020, the client was standing near the trunk of her vehicle as  she placed her belongings into her car when another vehicle unexpectedly accelerated into the back of her legs. The violent impact crushed her legs and pinned her between two cars. The injuries to her legs were severe and she was rushed to the Emergency Room. She underwent emergency surgery to repair the fracture to her right femur. As a result of the severe impact, the client was required to have a fixated rod and hardware inserted into her right leg.

At the time of the accident, the at-fault driver was an employee of a company and he was  driving said vehicle under the course and scope of his employment. Thus, the driver and the driver’s employer were liable for the serious injuries of our client. These injuries were life-changing for the young mother of two and they will affect her for the remainder of her life.

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Jonathan Friedland and his team recently won a large settlement for a case regarding medical negligence. Although Covid-19 has changed the methods in which Friedland | Carmona can represent their clients, it has not stood in the way of Jonathan Friedland’s ability to protect the rights of his clients.

A sixty-year-old client was sent home with severe back pain after doctors concluded his condition was non-life-threatening. It was determined by the doctors and the clinic that his injury only required medication and follow-up after imaging tests were performed. Unfortunately, the severe back pain pursued, and he wound up in the emergency room. In the emergency room doctors discovered a tumor on the client’s spine and rushed into emergency surgery. After surgery, the client woke up to learn he was paralyzed from the waist down.

Jonathan Friedland brought suit on behalf of his client against the medical clinic, primary doctor and radiologist who all contributed to the medical negligence which led to this unfortunate. consequence. With negotiation expertise, legal skill and a passion to fight for those who deserve justice, Friedland | Carmona won a sizable settlement for their client. With the settlement, the client will receive medical care and treatment as well as appropriate nursing care for the remainder of his life.

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Friedland | Carmona is heartbroken and saddened by the tragic and unnecessary loss of George Floyd and we hope in the future of our country we see justice received for Mr. Floyd and his family.

Our firm has committed itself for over 25 years to protecting and preserving the rights of victims in the justice system for everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or background. We condemn any form of police brutality and racism. We join our hands together with our clients, friends and family in making sure we can have a world where the color of a person’s skin does not determine how they are treated or perceived in our society.

Friedland | Carmona stands in solidarity with the Black community and we are committed to fight against systematic racism and injustice. Going forward, as a firm, we would like to reaffirm our commitment to equality and will continue to listen, learn, support, and protect the rights of all people regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion or background.

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If you own your own business and you have insurance to cover periods of loss when your business is interrupted, we can assist you in your claim. The COVID-19 pandemic is effecting businesses everywhere and during this uncertain time, the attorneys at Friedland I Carmona are here to assist you.

https://www.miamiinjurylawyer-blog.com/files/2020/04/Screen-Shot-2020-04-03-at-5.39.48-PM-300x163.pngBusiness interruption claims are made on all types of businesses and our firm can assist all types of small, medium and large businesses in handling their business interruption case due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The policy of insurance between the business owner or property owner will govern the terms and conditions of payment. Our firm can review your policy of insurance, your financial records and all information regarding your claim to determine if you are entitled to money for the interruption of your business from COVID-19, The Coronavirus. Your business may be entitled to lost profits, lost revenue, lost income and damages to your property from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Insurance Companies are already attempting to deny these claims under exclusions in the policies and our firm is equipped and ready to fight these defenses and get you and your business the money rightfully deserved. These cases are taken on a contingency basis and we do not get paid unless we collect money for you and your business. Our firm has over 35 years of experience in handling claims against insurance companies who wrongfully deny policy holders money that is rightfully theirs.

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Ensuring your home is a safe place for your child to grow, learn and play is incredibly important. Many parents use the help of child safety locks in order to keep their curious toddlers from harming themselves as they explore the world around them. When those locks are defective, a child’s curiosity can turn into a parent’s nightmare.

In West Virginia, this nightmare became a reality for the parents of a three year old who managed to access a drawer which contained a chef’s knife. The knife was supposed to be safely locked away but the safety lock failed to successfully keep the toddler out, causing the baby to injure her right eye so badly that she may be impaired permanently.

As previously discussed in our post “Deadly Dressers,” in Florida, and all over the U.S., manufacturers will be held liable for dangerous or defective products under products liability or products negligence law. Without the ability to hold manufacturers accountable for manufacturing defective products, consumers would be vulnerable to unsafe products and victims of empty promises from manufacturers. Consumers must be able to trust manufacturers are not selling defective products. Especially when the products are supposed to protect the lives and well-beings of innocent children.

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You’re finally going on the family vacation of your dreams, a 7-night cruise throughout the Bahamas, but the excitement is cut short when a family member slips and falls while onboard.

So, what exactly can you do?

In 2016, the United States cruise industry had a $126 billion worldwide economic impact. The Cruise Lines International Association reports that 24.7 million passengers sailed the seas in 2016, and an estimated 27.2 million are expected to cruise before the end of 2018. While cruising provides a unique opportunity to see more than one geographical location within a short period of time, this luxury does not come without risk. Amidst the glamour and festivities is a masked truth that all passengers are still aboard a moving vessel weighing hundred of thousands of tons. Passengers, however, are not the only class of persons who may receive monetary damages from a cruise line if injured on board.

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