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What Happens When Your Child Safety Lock Isn’t Child-Proof?

Ensuring your home is a safe place for your child to grow, learn and play is incredibly important. Many parents use the help of child safety locks in order to keep their curious toddlers from harming themselves as they explore the world around them. When those locks are defective, a child’s curiosity can turn into a parent’s nightmare.

In West Virginia, this nightmare became a reality for the parents of a three year old who managed to access a drawer which contained a chef’s knife. The knife was supposed to be safely locked away but the safety lock failed to successfully keep the toddler out, causing the baby to injure her right eye so badly that she may be impaired permanently.

As previously discussed in our post “Deadly Dressers,” in Florida, and all over the U.S., manufacturers will be held liable for dangerous or defective products under products liability or products negligence law. Without the ability to hold manufacturers accountable for manufacturing defective products, consumers would be vulnerable to unsafe products and victims of empty promises from manufacturers. Consumers must be able to trust manufacturers are not selling defective products. Especially when the products are supposed to protect the lives and well-beings of innocent children.

Under these circumstances, the plaintiffs must prove the following:

  1. The daughter was injured.
  2. The safety lock was either; (1) defectively designed, (2) defectively manufactured, or (3) the manufacturer knew or should have known of the risk and failed to warn their consumers about such risks.
  3. The product’s defect is what actually caused the daughter’s injury.
  4. The product was used in a manner in which the manufacturer intended its consumers to use the product.

Although there are  still questions left to be answered in this case, it is clear that this child was injured. Her parents used the safety lock in order to keep their child from accessing the dangerous objects inside the drawer. They expected the safety lock to work as the manufacturer intended it to and it failed. Therefore, under products liability or products negligence law, this family may be entitled to damages for purchasing and using this defective product.

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