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A Third Passenger Injured in Miami Airport Bus Crash Dies

Earlier this week, reports indicated that two passengers died as a result of the bus crash at the Miami International Airport. Now a third passenger has passed. The bus, which crashed into a concrete overpass last week, killed 86-year-old Serafin Castillo and 56-year-old Francisco Urana on the day of the accident. Ryder Trauma Center announced Monday that 75-year-old Gliceria Emerida Garcia died as a result of injuries sustained in the accident.

Police have not charged the driver, who crashed into an overpass on December 1, 2012 while carrying thirty-two members of a Jehovah’s Witness group. The driver got lost and found himself at the Miami International Airport. All of the 30 injured passengers were taken to the hopistal. Nine of the thirteen passengers taken to Ryder Trauma Center/Jackson Memorial Hospital have been released. Two of the four still being held are in good condition.

As previously reported, the families of two of the deceased passengers and one of the injured passengers have filed negligence lawsuits against the bus driver and the bus company. The bus is privately owned and was typically used for tours.

Third passenger dies after Miami airport bus crash, December 05, 2012

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