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Hollywood Teen Survives Fall Down Elevator Shaft

An unidentified fourteen-year-old girl recently fell down an elevator shaft at Hollywood’s old Millennium Mall. The teen fell more than thirty feet down the dark elevator shaft. According to city officials, the girl was playing tag with five of her friends when they went into the old Jordan Marsh store at the old mall at the corner of State Road 7 and Hollywood Boulevard. She then fell down the shuttered shaft. The mall has been out of operation for some time now.

The girl was sent to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital as a trauma-alert patient, where she is recovering. The teen suffered cuts to her head and legs during the fall. According to police, she is now out of the ICU.

Hollywood Police Lt. Norris Redding has not yet determined whether any criminal charges will be filed pertaining to the accident. “The mall owner has complied with all city codes and made changes to keep trespassers from entering” after an incident in the building two years ago. The owners placed a gate around the property, but the teens jumped over a barrier and found an unlocked door to access the property.

Teen survives fall down elevator shaft at shuttered mall in Hollywood, April 05, 2011.

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