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Another Mother Files Suit Against Hialeah Daycare For Child Abuse

In an earlier blog post (which can be found by clicking here), it was reported that Trina Jackson has filed a lawsuit against J. Ruiz Learning School in Hialeah, contending that her daughter suffered abuse at the Learning School when her daughter’s classmates pulled a braid out of her head while the Learning School’s caregiver stood by and ignored the incident. Now, another mother has filed a claim against the Learning School, claiming her three children suffered abuse during their three-year attendance at the Learning School.

Philomene Hodge began to notice that her children repeatedly came home with scratches or bruises on their arms. She never thought much of it because the Learning School never made a formal report. As the injuries became more frequent, Hodge approached the daycare owner, Jose Ruiz and asked about the abuse. He denied all of her allegations. Hodge then decided to do some of her own digging. She took a job doing maintenance work at the daycare to keep an eye over her children and witnessed a Learning Center employee, “Ms. Emma,” abusing the children. According to Hodge, Ms. Emma would hit the children for “petty little things,” such as refusing to sit, not listening enough, or “if she felt like she’d talked to the child enough.” Hodge reported the abuse to Ruiz and Ms. Emma has since been fired. Trina Jackson’s video, which is a substantial piece of evidence in her case against the Learning Center, also depicts Ms. Emma hitting a young boy and girl and “forcefully shoving the girl’s chair while she sat in it.”

Hodge believes that the Learning Center is a danger to children in the area. She has taken her kids out of the school and filed a lawsuit against the Learning Center for alleged abuse of her children. While she is asking for damages, she is also working towards getting the Learning Center shut down completely. Hodge has not yet filed a complaint with the Department of Children and Family Services. Ruiz refused to comment on the case. Inquires into state records revealed that the Learning School is in compliance with state regulations.

Second Parent Sues Hialeah Daycare Alleging Abuse, October 11, 2011.

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