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A Bloody Trip on a Carnival Cruise Ship

Most people plan on having a relaxing and enjoyable several days and peaceful nights when they board some of the most prominent cruise lines in the United States. Honeymooners, anniversary and birthday celebrators and general travel enthusiast look forward to the remoteness enjoyed at sea for the duration of their stay on a floating resort. But what happens when something goes terribly, terribly wrong.

Early this year a couple was enjoying a fantastic vacation on a Caribbean Cruise Ship when they stumbled upon a scene prominent in horror films but happening right in front of their eyes. The couple was headed to dinner when they approached the elevator of the cruise ship, which had blood pouring down the silver doors. The blood flowed down the doors of the elevator in uninterrupted sheets and absolutely no one could believe their eyes.

This unfortunate event was sadly the result of a crewmember losing his life while working on the elevator.

All too often we make plans and fail to recognize the potential dangers and misfortunes that can come with our fabulous getaways. While we all hope that your vacation and getaway plans are nothing but seamless and exceptionally enjoyable should anything go wrong Friedland | Carmona is here for you.

If you are injured on a cruise ship, at your hotel, or during any portion of your vacation the experienced South Florida lawyers at Friedland Law will be available and prepared to help you navigate the complexities that come in obtaining the damages you will need to cover your medical and recovery expenses.

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