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Boynton Beach Woman Shot By U.S. Marshals, Sues For $10 M

Janira Calderin lost part of the index finger on her right hand and the top of her middle and fingers on her left hand, suffered a head wound and another bullet injury to the top of her left foot when she was shot five times by federal agents as they attempted to arrest a Boynton Beach fugitive. Calderin has now filed a $10 million civil suit against the U.S. Marshal Service.

On August 24, 2011, Calderin had left her job at a Broward hospital and went to pick up Samir Herrera, a relatively new acquaintance of hers. Calderin was not aware that Herrera was a wanted man. The marshals “swooped in” after Herrera got behind the wheel of Calderin’s car. Shots were fired after Herrera, who had been charged with attempted murder, kidnapping and armed robbery, pulled a gun on the U.S. marshals. The marshals contend that Herrera opened fired first and then led them on a car chase. Calderin’s complaint alleges that she suffered injuries during a “reckless and wholly unwarranted shoot-out.”

The marshal service has denied any wrongdoing and responded to Calderin’s complaints, stating, “A review of the circumstances surrounding your client’s allegations has disclosed no evidence of negligence or wrongdoing on the part of any USMS [United States Marshals Service] employee.”

Woman struck by five bullets sues U.S. Marshals, seeks $10M, September 17, 2012.

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