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Boynton Beach Family Finds Mother Covered In Bedsores, Sues Nursing Home

Leaving a loved on in the care of a nursing home can be emotionally difficult. Discovering that the nursing home has neglected your loved one is even more difficult. One family recently faced that tough decision and filed a lawsuit against the nursing home.

Four years ago, seventy-four year old Annie Lou Jefferson’s family filed a lawsuit against Hamlin Place Rehabilitation Center in Boynton Beach after finding Jefferson’s body covered in bedsores. Jefferson, who died four years ago, constantly told her daughter that she wanted to leave the facility but never expressed the pain she was enduring. Jefferson became severely ill and was placed in a home near her daughter after her daughter became unable to care for her. Jefferson was taken to the hospital after nursing home staff members found her unresponsive and a hospital nurse discovered sores all over her buttocks. Some of the open sores, covered by bandages, were as large as grapefruits. Her daughter also discovered that she had a big sore on the back of her head.

The suit against the nursing home alleges that the bedsores were a direct result of the nursing home staff’s negligence. Since the filing of the lawsuit, the nursing home has had a change in administration and medical staff, but Jefferson’s daughter fears other residents may still be at risk. The nursing home contends that Jefferson suffered “additional health concerns” after returning from her eleven day stay in the hospital and states that the “concerns were treated appropriately by our nursing staff and the patient’s physicians.” While the lawsuit does not list a cause of death, Jefferson’s family believes that the bedsores led to other problems that may have contributed to her death.

Family sues local nursing home after finding multiple bedsores on loved one, September 13, 2011.

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