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California Jury Awards Thirteen-Year-Old Girl $150 Million in Wrongful Death Suit

A Los Angeles jury awarded a thirteen-year-old girl $150 million in damages on Friday based on an accident that occurred on a Southern California freeway almost four years ago. The girl watched her family members burn to death in their vehicle after they hit and got stuck under a big rig truck on the shoulder of the highway. The jury found the trucking company and one of its drivers liable in the accident and ordered them to pay the $150 million judgment. The jury deliberated for three days before announcing that Rudolph Ortiz, the driver of the truck, was negligent for parking his truck on the side of the freeway while it was dark outside without leaving on any lights or reflectors to show his presence.


Attorney Brian Brandt, the thirteen-year-old girl’s attorney, said the scope of the verdict is hard for his client to comprehend. Kylie Asam was nine at the time of the tragic accident. Her and her eleven-year-old brother, Blaine, freed themselves from the family’s crushed SUV after it got stuck under Ortiz’s truck on the side of Interstate 210. Kylie and Blaine were the only two family members to escape the vehicle. They were forced to watch their parents and older brother die in a fiery inferno.

The jury’s verdict also included $8.75 million to go to Blaine, who committed suicide before the trial began. Kylie will receive the money as her brother’s successor-in-interest, but, as Brandt explained, all of the money will be placed in a trust until Kylie turns eighteen.

LA jury awards $150M in wrongful death case, October 29, 2013

Brandt filed a wrongful death suit on behalf of Asam, which alleged that Ortiz pulled over to the side of the road to sleep, something that was prohibited on the road. Asam alleged that Ortiz ignored the written signs along the roadway that said drivers could only pull off to the shoulder for emergencies. Asam’s father tried to reach the same shoulder that Ortiz sat on after Asam’s father hit debris on the highway and attempted to stop. Ortiz’s attorneys argued that Ortiz pulled over to take medication for a severe headache, which was an emergency. Kylie and Blaine flagged down a driver who attempted to use a fire extinguisher and some dirt to stop the fire. The jury also found Asam’s father partially negligent, but found that his conduct was not a substantial factor in his family’s deaths.

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