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Coconut Grove Teen In Critical Condition; Hit By Drunk Driver

Eighteen-year-old Brian Beaubrun is laying in a critical condition at Ryder Trauma Center after being struck by a Jeep Cherokee while he was running through Coconut Grove on Sunday night. Police believe the driver of the Jeep, Corina Gonzalez (pictured right), was drunk at the time she struck Beaubrun. According to police, Gonzalez drove off the road and crashed into a parked Toyota Corolla. “The Jeep then bounced off the Corolla and struck Beaubrun who was thrown 160 feet from the force of the impact.”

A neighbor who heard the crash called 911 after seeing Beaubrun’s body in the street. When police arrived at the scene, they smelled alcohol on Gonzalez’s breath but she refused to take a field sobriety test. She admitted she’d had two glasses of wine at dinner but denied that she was drunk. Gonzalez was charged with DUI refusing to submit to testing and DUI with serious bodily injury.

Meanwhile, Beaubrun is in a coma, currently taking medicine to treat the swelling in his brain and his rising blood pressure. His grandmother believes he is suffering brain damage as a result of the crash. Sherman, who initially called 911, said, “I think if anyone saw this, it’s like a major lesson, reminder, or whatever, to if you’ve had a sip or anything of anything to (not) get behind the wheel.” A makeshift memorial has been created at the scene of the accident.

DUI Suspected In Grove Crash, April 04, 2011.

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