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Coral Springs Man Charged With BUI After Accident Leaves Passenger Dead

A Cape Coral man was charged by the Florida State Attorney’s office for operating a boat under the influence. The man was operating a 37-foot boat with two other passengers when he crashed the boat into a seawall on Coral Point Drive. The boat was launched into the air and landed in a vacant lot. While the driver and one of the passengers only sustained minor injuries, a thirty five year old passenger was taken for emergency surgery at a Florida hospital. He was then sent to a hospital in his home state, where he later died.

The case investigator’s poured over hundreds of pages of documents and other evidence before deciding to charge the man. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s investigators determined that alcohol was being consumed on the boat, that the driver was intoxicated at the time of the crash and that the boat was going too fast when it crashed into the sea wall.

The boat’s driver has been charged with BUI manslaughter, BUI involving serious injury and BUI with damage for the death of his passenger and the destruction caused to the seawall. If convicted, the boat’s driver could potentially spend 21 years in prison.

Man charged in fatal Cape Coral boat crash, March 01, 2011.

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