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Coral Springs Teen Dead After Water Tube Crashes Into Canal Wall

On Sunday, seventeen year-old Coral Springs resident Randolph Bieszcazk was inside a South Florida canal with two of his friends enjoying a day in the sun and on the boat. According to witnesses and the police, Bieszczak was riding on an inner tube that was being hauled by the boat when the tube hit the bank of the canal. The teen was unable to sustain the impact of the crash and died immediately in the canal.

Friends and family members are still in a state of shock, but are sure of one thing–alcohol was not a factor in the accident. “I’ve never seen him drunk, never seen him with any type of drugs. Always a good kid, always laughing, having fun,” stated Krysropher Malarski, as he described his friend. The police are still investigating what caused the tube to crash into the bank of the canal and have not yet filed any charges against the boat’s operator. In the meantime, Bieszczak’s family is preparing for his funeral.

Teen killed in boating accident, August 22, 2011.

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