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Cyclist in Critical Condition after he was Struck by Pompano Beach Motorist and Caught on Back of Car for 2 Miles

A bicyclist traveling in Broward County was critically injured Tuesday when he was struck by an automobile and caught in the car’s smashed rear window. The alleged driver of the vehicle, twenty-seven-year-old Axel Inostroza, continued driving for two miles after the bicyclist became stuck. Once Inostroza arrived at his townhouse in Pompano Beach, police allege that Inostroza removed fifty-three-year-old Craig Camlin from his car and threw Camlin behind bushes in a wooded area. Police said Inostroza then proceeded to hide his damaged Mustang and entered his townhouse to go to sleep. This information was allegedly obtained in a confession Inostroza later gave to investigators.

It was around 6:30 a.m. in the 5200 block of Northeast 18th Avenue when Inostroza’s Mustang struck Camlin, who was traveling in the same direction, according to Fort Lauderdale police. The back of Camlin’s bike was struck by the front-passenger side of the Mustang, which sent Camlin rolling over the roof of the car, where he got caught on the back window. A landscaping crew eventually found Camlin in the bushes around 9 a.m. and called authorities after they observed that Camlin was barely alive. Camlin was transported to North Broward Hospital, where he remained in critical condition late in the day on Tuesday with a nearly severed ear, spinal injuries, and a deep cut on his head. Police believe the spinal injuries could leave Camlin paralyzed.

Broward Sheriff’s deputies came across Inostroza at a Pompano Beach body shop when he was attempting to get his car repaired. The body shop contacted police after they noticed that the damage to Inostroza’s Mustang was consistent with the hit-and-run. Inostroza originally told investigators that he had struck a stop sign, but he later changed his story and confessed to hitting Camlin. According to a Broward prosecutor, Inostroza also admitted to drinking before the crash, but, based on the disparity in time between the crash and the time Inostroza was picked up, a DUI test could not be administered effectively.

Pompano Beach motorist charged with striking cyclist, then driving for 2 miles with injured man on back of car, December 17, 2013

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