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Disney Hotel Employee Killed in Accident Involving Disney Bus

A Disney hotel employee died Friday afternoon when her car was rear-ended by a Disney Magical Express bus. This bus is a complementary shuttle service that transports guests between the airport and Disney’s resort. Police have identified the deceased woman as sixty-three-year-old Solange Blain. Witnesses to the accident report that Blain came to a stop in the middle of a road near Walt Disney World’s Epcot theme park near Orlando, Florida. The Disney bus was traveling behind Blain and was unable to brake fast enough to avoid the crash. On Sunday, Disney officials confirmed that Blain was an employee at one of the park’s hotels.

Disney officials offered heartfelt condolences to Blain’s family and released a statement expressing their sadness regarding “the loss of a fellow cast member.” According to the Florida Highway Patrol, there were thirty-six passengers on the bus when the accident occurred and two were hospitalized with minor injuries. Disney officials are also providing support to the bus passengers. No charges have yet been filed.

1 dead following Disney World bus crash, August 18, 2013

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