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Eighteen Year Old Finally Able to Walk Again After Devastating Accident

An eighteen-year-old Amesbury, Massachusetts resident is finally walking again, more than seven months after losing her leg in a horrific accident. Paige Fortin has endured a long road of recovery, including numerous surgeries and other setbacks, but within the past few weeks Fortin has been fitted with a prosthetic leg, and is now walking for the first time since the accident. Fortin received the prosthetic leg over a month ago, but did not begin wearing it consistently until now.

Many were likely quite skeptical that Fortin would ever walk again after she and her boyfriend were struck by a truck while riding a scooter last September. Both Fortin and her boyfriend, Josh Zaino, were knocked off of the scooter upon impact. Zaino did not sustain serious injuries, but Fortin’s right leg was catastrophically damaged. Fortin’s doctors said the injury was one of the worst they have ever seen. Fortin’s mother, Virginia Page, stated that it was likely Fortin’s leg was caught in a tire rotation when she was hit. Fortin’s leg was ultimately amputated. Fortin also suffered broken ribs, some road rash, a bruised lung and a broken femur. Fortin was wearing a motorcycle helmet when she was struck, which likely protected her from sustaining any head trauma.

In the months following the accident, Fortin underwent seven surgeries and two cleanup procedures, but she also dealt with numerous infections along the way that continually prolonged her recovery. Fortin has been in physical therapy and is adjusting well to her new leg, but she is still unable to run. Fortin says she is extremely appreciative of the fact that she can actually walk again, but hopes to work her way up to running in 5Ks someday.

Amesbury woman adjusting to life after amputation, May 17, 2013

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