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Families of Boating Accident Victims Settle Wrongful Death Suit $17 Million

While visiting Philadelphia with their church group two years ago, two Hungarian students decided to take a sightseeing tour of the city down the Delaware River and boarded the Ride the Ducks duck boat. As the 33-foot-long boat made its way down the river, it eventually anchored itself in an active shipping lane along its route and sat idle. As the boat sat idle 150 yards from shore, a tugboat pushed a 250-foot-long barge into and over the boat, sending almost forty people into the water. The two Hungarians lost their lives trying to help the others.

Following their children’s deaths, the parents of the Hungarian students filed a wrongful death lawsuit against K-Sea Transportation, the operator of the tugboat that was guiding the barge, and against Ride the Ducks, the tour company. The families argued that both companies had unclear safety procedures and poor training and procedures that led to the crash. Both parties blamed each other for the crash. When the crash occurred, the driver of the tugboat was on his cell phone and in a part of the boat where he was unable to see the river. Because he was on his cell phone, the tugboat driver had turned down the marine radio, leaving him unable to hear the mayday calls before the barge crashed into the boat.

After the families filed suit, both K Sea and Ride the Ducks attempted to limit their liability to the value of the vessels involved in the crash: $150,000 for the duck boat and $1.65 million for the tugboat. However, after just two days of trial testimony, the families reached a settlement with the companies for $17 million. The families of the two students who died in the crash will split $15 million and the remaining $2 million will be split among the eighteen remaining survivors of the crash.

$17M settlement in deadly Philly duck boat crash, May 9, 2012.

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