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Family Files Wrongful Death Suit After Man Died Suddenly Aboard American Airlines Flight

The widow and daughter of Othon Cortes have filed a wrongful death suit against American Airlines, claiming that Cortes died after eating a contaimintaed meal on his May 18th flight from Barcelona Spain to New York City. The family has also listed the airlin’es cartering company Sky Chefs as a defendant in the case. However, Sky Chef claims they did not cater that flight and have filed motions to have the case against it dismissed. The family alleges that the airline did not properly maintain or prepare the chicken meal. The family is seeking up to $1 million in damages.

Cortes’s family alleges that chicken Cortes consumed was contaminated with Clostridium perfingens, a deadlybacteria. Upon landing in New York, Cortes was suffering from stomach cramps, extreme thirst and other “clear outward manifestation of severe physical illness.” However, Cortes and his wife boarded their next flight to Miami. On that flight, Cortes was nauseous, suffered from shortness of breath and endured a “cardiac event”. The plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Norfolk, Virginia and Cortes was pronounced dead. The suit also alleges that American Airlines never should have allowed Cortes to board the Miami flight without first seeking medical attention.

American Airlines Sued After Man Dies Following In-Flight Meal, November 30, 2011

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