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Felon Attempts To Evade Broward Police, Kills Two Cyclists

Christopher McConnell and Dean Amelkin lost their lives in a senseless tragedy as they were innocently riding their bikes in suburban Broward County. After spending their night gambling at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino near Hollywood, Obrian Oakley and Sadik Baxter had burglarized several cars in the Rock Creek neighborhood, stealing a drum set, an old iPod and about $2 in change. Concerned citizens took a picture of the crime in progress and called 911 around 7 a.m. As Baxter confronted the citizens, Oakley disappeared in their get-away car.

Driving at speeds of over 110 miles per hours though western Broward County, Oakley attempted to evade police. According to police, Oakley told them that he looked back at the officers pursing him and that was when he hit a Toyota at the Sheridan Street and Palm Avenue intersection, forcing his car to spin out of control. Oakley’s car struck the two cyclists and then came to a halt. Oakley left the scene to hide in a nearby apartment complex. He was arrested at 11:50 a.m. after surrendering himself to police. Oakley has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder and with causing a crash involving death or personal injury, along with several other charges.

The men who died were both described as loving, family-oriented men. McConnell was pronounced dead at the scene from multiple blunt force traumas. There are no reports as to whether Amelkin was pronounced dead at the scene or at a nearby hospital. The two were traveling a familiar route with two other cyclists, both of whom were unharmed. Several bouquets of flowers and two American flags now decorate the accident site in an attempt to mask the black skid marks in the road, the dented railing and the damaged trees that remain. The men both leave behind a wife and children. When asked about the crash, Celia Conti of the Cooper City-based South Broward Wheelers bike club stated, “You just realize how vulnerable you are out there. ”
Men denied bond after crash kills two Broward cyclists, August 06, 2012.

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