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First of Many Hip Joint Replacement Cases Goes to Trial

Friday a jury in Los Angeles heard opening statements in a fraud and negligence lawsuit that alleges Johnson & Johnson knowingly marketed a false hip implant that left thousands with severe complications or in need of replacement surgery. The all-metal ball-and-socket hip joint was pulled from the market two years ago, but thousands of cases similar to the California suit currently exist all over the United States. This lawsuit is the first of these cases to reach trial.

Plaintiff Loren Kransky sought hip replacement to relieve arthritic pain. He received the Johnson & Johnson hip implant in 2007, but has had it replaced since then. Kransky was left with metal in his hip socket after it flaked off of the implant. These pieces of metal were causing a form of metal poisoning that could have killed Kransky if they were not removed. A lawyer for Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary, DePuy Orthopedics, Inc., which manufactured the hip implant, pointed to Kransky’s pre-existing medical conditions as the cause of his health decay. According to the lawyer, Kransky suffered from sixteen major diseases, including cancer and diabetes. The lawyer argued that the hip implant did not make him worse and removing it did not make him better.

The metal hip implant was meant to serve as an improvement on ceramic and plastic implants. It was sold to 35,000 people in the United States and over 90,000 people worldwide for a period of eight years. In 2009, Johnson and Johnson stopped making the metal hip implant and a year later it recalled the product. Court documents reveal that the company was aware of the problem with the product as far back as 2008. A deposition with a DePuy official revealed that more than one-third of the implants were expected to fail within five years of implantation. Kransky’s attorney is requesting punitive damages to send a message to the company for failing to reveal the damaging knowledge it had about the metal hip implant.

Trial under way in LA hip joint replacement suit, January 25, 2013

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