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Florida Fish And Wildlife Conservation Commission Releases Annual Report

Florida is the nation’s leading boating state, with almost one million registered boats. However, that also makes Florida one of the top ten states for boating accidents. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission released its annual report on 2011 boating accidents and deaths today, revealing a staggering number of deaths and accidents.

Sixty-seven people died in boating accidents in 2011 and over four hundred and thirty people were injured in boating related accidents. According to the Conservation Commission’s report, the man cause of death was falls overboard. Investigator Andy Bickel stated that wearing life jackets could have prevented the high number of drowning deaths. Lastly, the report revealed that alcohol and drugs were involved in almost fifteen percent of boating related accidents this past year.

The highest number of boating related deaths occurred in Monroe County, which encompasses the Florida Keys, and had the highest number of accidents. The Conservation Commission has reported that almost thirty boating deaths have already occurred this year.

67 boating deaths reported in Florida in 2011, July 11, 2012.

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