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Former NBA Player in Critical Condition After Car Accident in Georgia

A former NBA star is reportedly in critical condition following a car accident in Clayton County, Georgia on Friday. Mookie Blaylock, a former point guard for the Atlanta Hawks, was one of three individuals injured in the head-on collision, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported. Blaylock was operating a Cadillac Escalade northbound on Tara Boulevard, stated Jonesboro police Chief Franklin Allen. For reasons yet unknown, Blaylock crossed over the median and drove into oncoming traffic.

After crossing the median, the Escalade struck another automobile head-on, causing injuries to the two people in that vehicle. All three individuals were transported to Atlanta Medical Center following the crash. Blaylock was put on life support and was unresponsive. The female passenger in the car that Blaylock struck was pronounced dead Friday evening. Blaylock’s condition improved slowly throughout the day and by Friday evening he was removed from life support. He remained in critical condition. A family member informed police that Blaylock has been under treatment for seizures.

Report: Former Hawks player Mookie Blaylock improves after car crash, May 31, 2013

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