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Gov. Scott’s Personal Injury Protection Reform Passes

The Florida Legislature has finally reached a deal regarding Governor Rick Scott’s proposed Personal Injury Protection (PIP) reform. “This is a triumphant moment for the residents of Florida. Members of the Legislature heard our cal to put Floridians ahead of special interests and combat the fraud that has become a billion dollar tax on drivers,” Scott stated.

PIP refers to Florida’s no-fault car insurance program. The new program will continue to require $10,000 in minimum coverage, which can be used by anyone seriously injured in a car accident. However, now, victims with moderate, also know as “soft-tissue,” injuries can only collect up to $2,500 worth of benefits. Additionally, chiropractors remain part of the PIP system and victims have up to 14 days to seek treatment. The state plans to complete an actuarial study of the new PIP law to determine how much money policyholders will actually save. Following the completion of the survey, insurance companies will adjust their rates to meet the new threshold requirements. Insurers claimed “PIP far outpaces what they receive in premiums, so it may be hard to pass along those savings in the short term.” Regardless, insurers are open to the reform and will work within the confines of the bill.

Scott spent the end of the week trying to convince senators to accept the reform after several senators complained that too many concessions were being made. “The compromise required both chambers to concede on some hot-button issues, such as attorney fee caps, requiring insurance companies to roll back rates and allowing insurance companies to examine policyholders under oath when investigating potential fraud.” Gov. Scott’s PIP reform was narrowly passed in the Senate, with a 22-17 vote, but flew through the House with an 80-34 vote.

Lawmakers pass PIP reform, March 09, 2012.

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