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Intense, Quick-Moving Snowstorm in Colorado causes Massive Pileup

Heavy snow led to a massive pileup outside of Denver last weekend that claimed the life of one and injured thirty others. Authorities stated that over 100 vehicles were involved in the string of crashes that ran for about a two-mile stretch of Interstate 25. An intense burst of snow hit the area just before the crashes began. The northbound lanes of the highway were shut down for several hours. The injured were transported to local hospitals.

The Denver Post reported that drivers and passengers who were not injured were taken to a city bus to speak with accident investigators. Some of the destroyed vehicles were towed to a nearby high school. According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, during and after the crashes, approximately 100 snowplows and four large tankers were driving around the city clearing roads with deicing fluid. Meteorologists stated that the snow storm was part of the same system that soaked California and it continued to move east last weekend. National Weather Service meteorologist Jim Kalina stated that Denver was on the “front leading edge” of the storm and that, combined with a cold front that had moved into the area the night before, created whiteout conditions and slippery roadways.

1 killed, 30 injured in massive Colorado pileup March 01, 2014

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