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Jet Ski Mishaps.

One of the many perks of South Florida’s great weather and over abundance of beaches is the access to all of the many water sports and activities, including jet skiing, all year-round. Although most jet skiing experiences go without incident, a few unfortunate accidents do occur, and sadly, can result in serious injuries.

Earlier this year, in May, at least three people were rushed to the hospital after a jet ski with two passengers crashed into a boat near Picnic Island. A few days later, there was another jet ski accident in Miami Gardens, in which one of the injured parties was a minor.

According to the United States Coast Guard, there were a total of 675 injuries involving a personal watercraft last year. A personal watercraft (PWC) is distinguished from other water vessels for being operated by sitting, standing, or kneeling on it. PWC laws and safety precautions attempt to prevent potential injuries to operators and others that may be in the water, by imposing age limits and speed limits, and requiring the use of life jackets and kill cords. However, despite these regulations, some accidents are inevitable. The most common PWC injuries include concussions, burns, broken bones, and whip lash. These usually occur as a result of collisions with other boats, through reckless driving, speeding, underage operation, driving under the influence, and loss of control. Other less common causes of PWC injuries are drowning, explosions, and defects.

Accidents involving PWC’s go beyond just injuries. Often times, it will also result in some kind of property damage. The negligent party responsible for causing injuries or property damage is likely to be held liable for any repair costs and compensation. It is therefore extremely important for anyone in this situation to make sure any damages and any insurance coverage is investigated as soon as possible. Retaining a lawyer right away gives your attorney the greatest opportunity to guide you and help you navigate the complexities of evaluating the extent of your injuries and property damage, any insurance coverage, and dealing with insurance companies.

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