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Key West Boating Accident: Widow Files Wrongful Death Suit

Last November, Joey Gratton and Stephen Page were racing towards victory in the Key West Super Boat World Championship when disaster struck in the final law of the race–Gratton and Page’s 38-foot catamaran overturned as the drivers rounded the first turn. Page was able to exit the boat through an escape hatch built into the floor of the cockpit, but Gratton remained trapped by the harness system that was designed to keep him safe during races. The boat began to sink with Gratton trapped inside. Gratton drowned as the boat went under water.

Gratton’s widow, Priscilla Gratton, has filed a wrongful death suit in Broward Circuit Court against John Carbonell, the President of Super Boat International Productions, Inc. and against the race’s medical directors, Donald DiPetrillo and Brian Haff. The suit alleges that Gratton was alive and uninjured following the crash, but that Carbonell refused to deploy certified rescue dive paramedics in an effort to avoid their cost. Instead, the suit alleges, Carbonell ordered two “untrained, inexperienced and ill-equipped volunteers” on a nearby boat to respond to the crash. The volunteers took several minutes to reach the boat, and by the time they arrived, the suit claims, Gratton was already trapped inside, his emergency oxygen tank was depleted, and as a result, Gratton drowned.

In the complaint, filed with the Court in February, former president of the American Power Boat Association Michael Allweiss stated, “This should have been a routine, successful rescue, had Defendants merely followed standard industry practices, procedures and [Super Boat International’s] own rules.” Gratton’s death followed the drowning deaths of two other racers at the event’s opening two days earlier. The wrongful death suit also alleges gross negligence, claiming Carbonell prevented rescue personnel from conducting pre-race safety inspections in an effort to avoid liability in light of a crash.

Widow files suit over powerboat racer’s death in Key West race, February 20, 2012.

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