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Large Boat Slices Through Smaller Vessel Near Coconut Grove Coastline, 2 Injured

A couple was spending a late night on their boat, enjoying the views of the shore, when they were run over by a speeding boat. The couple, riding in a 13-foot Boston Whaler, was floating about a mile and a half from the Coconut Grove coastline when a speeding boat ripped through theirs. The larger vessel that crashed into the couple’s boat sped away after the incident, which occurred around 11:00 p.m.

The man, an experienced boated, was seriously injured by the collision. The driver’s girlfriend used her cell phone to call for help; yet, unsure of their location, it took rescuers over an hour to locate the couple in the darkness. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reported than a Good Samaritan sailing on a boat nearby was able to help locate the injured couple.

When discovered by authorities, the driver was unconscious and was taken to the hospital in serious condition. His girlfriend had sustained head injured as a result of the collision. The victims are recovering from their injuries at Jackson Memorial Hospital, while authorities are looking for the vessel that ran over the couple.

Two injured as boaters collide in waters off Coconut Grove, July 29, 2012.

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