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Miami Jury Awards $8.8 Million To Widow For Texting And Driving Death

Texting while driving kills. It’s been splashed across billboards for years now. Regardless, some drivers will never learn. And now, some will have to pay. A Miami Dade jury awarded $8.8 million to the family of a mother killed in an accident with a teenager driver who was believed to be texting at the time.

Myriam del Socorro Lopez was with her husband who was driving down Bird Road when seventeen-year-old Luis Cruz-Govin was speeding and weaving his way through the traffic. Govin crashed into Lopez’s vehicle, killing Lopez at the scene. Lopez’s husband suffered internal injuries and a large cut from his chest to his stomach from the impact. At the scene, Govin was given a $2,000 fine for speeding and reckless driving and his license was suspended for six months.

In trial, Lopez’s attorney presented evidence that Govin was driving up to 69 miles per hour in a 40 mile per hour speed zone. Govin’s phone records show a text was sent out at 8:19 p.m. Paramedics were called to the scene two minutes later. Additionally, marijuana, cocaine and a partially consumed bottle of cough syrup were discovered in Govin’s car.

Dr. David Strayer, a renowned texting and driving expert from the University of Utah who published Driven To Distraction testified at trial as to the effects of texting and driving. According to Lopez’s attorney, “drivers are eight times more likely to get involved in an accident while texting than when not.” Lopez’s attorney also stated that the jury’s $8.8 million award will “bring awareness to Florida of the problems that texting and driving have done and will continue to do. It has to stop. It’s a tragic situation that kills.”

Miami Dade jury awards $8.8 million to family of woman killed in crash, December 20, 2011.

Texting has become a chronic problem and has resulted in a number of deadly accidents. Lopez’s two children lost their mother because of a teenager’s reckless and negligent actions. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident in which texting and driving was involved, call the expert Fort Lauderdale auto accident attorneys at the Friedland | Carmona today. With over twenty years of successfully recovering compensation for accident victims, the Aventura personal injury attorneys can help you recover the money you deserve for your accident. Jonathan Friedland and Michael Carmona are also expert wrongful death attorneys who are equipped to help you handle the loss of your loved one. Call (305) 661-2008 today for your free consultation.

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