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Miramar Man Suffers Injuries After Pitbull Attack

Seventy-six year old Walter Roach was out taking a walk one Wednesday morning in his Miramar neighborhood when he was attacked by his neighbor’s pit bulls. As Roach was walking, a larger pit bull, called “Reds” by his owner, and two pit bull puppies ran up to him and began scratching at his legs. He likened the experience to “a guy tak[ing] a machete and chop[ing] you.” Roach was taken the Memorial Hospital Pembroke where he received 24 stitches for the dog bites on his arms, legs and back. Doctors required Roach to remain at the hospital because of his age.

Roach’s neighbor, Reds’ owner, said Reds and the two other dogs somehow got loose but never would have attacked someone unless provoked. Animal Patrol came and took Reds away to place him in quarantine for the next ten days. The pit bulls’ owner was cited for three violations: one for having a loose dog, another for an animal bite causing injury and one for enclosing the dogs in inadequate fencing.

Broward County, where Roach resides, allows pit bulls as pets, while they are strictly banned in Miami-Dade County. However, Miami-Dade voters will vote on whether to end the pit bull ban this August. Despite being a Broward citizen, Roach “300%” supports the Miami-Dade ban.

3 pit bulls attack man in Miramar, May 2, 2012.

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