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Miramar Teen Given Improper Vaccine Wins Millions

When she was just a baby, Shaniah Rolle was given a vaccine that caused her to lose all four of her limbs. Following the removal of her spleen as a newborn, Rolle was given a special vaccination that was intended to protect people without spleens from infection but the vaccine had been expired for five months. When Rolle was eight months old, she was rushed to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Doctors discovered she had a bacterial infection throughout her body and blood clots had formed in arms and legs. Because the infection had led to gangrene in her limbs, doctors were forced to amputate her arms and legs above the joints. “She developed the very disease they were supposed to inoculate her against,” her attorney said. Fortunately, Rolle was fitted with prosthetics and has been living a relatively normal life since the amputation.

Rolle’s mother filed the medical malpractice suit against the University of Miami’s Miller School of Medicine in 2002. The case finally went to trial late last year. University of Miami’s lawyers argued that Rolle would still have contracted the illness whether or not she was given the vaccine because her mother did not give her enough medication to prevent the infection.

Despite the attorney’s contentions, after five weeks of trial and three days of deliberations, the jurors awarded Rolle $12.6 million dollars. The jurors found the doctor who treated Rolle, Dr. Jeffrey Bosco, five percent at fault, but found several other doctors not liable. However, the jurors found her mother forty percent at fault for not administering the correct amount of medication. As a result, Rolle’s award will be cut almost in half. The University of Miami is expected to appeal the award.

Miramar teen who lost limbs wins millions in malpractice suit, January 15, 2012.

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