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Mom Sues Miami Daycare; Alleges Abuse Of Five-Year Old Daughter

A Miami daycare is facing that wrath of one upset mother. The mother, Trina Jackson, is suing J-Ruiz Learning School after discovering that one of her daughter’s braids were ripped out of her scalp while at the daycare center. J-Ruiz contends that the braid was missing when five-year-old Kayla was dropped off in the morning.

Jackson’s attorneys came forth with video evidence depicting Kayla being attacked by a group of girls while the Learning School’s caregiver ignores the assault. The video allegedly shows the caregiver eventually tending to Kayla, checking her scalp and throwing the hair in the garbage. Kayla told her mother that she had been hit, scratched and slapped many times while in the Learning School’s care.

Another video caught by the surveillance tape also depicts the same caregiver smacking a child on the top of the head after the child says something to her. The Department of Children and Families opened an investigation into the abuse allegations and closed the probe two months later without revealing their findings. The Learning School’s owner Jose Ruiz declined to comment on the case and also declined to give the name of his attorney.

Mom Sues Daycare Over Alleged Abuse Video, August 30, 2011.

“The trust factor was there until now, so just thinking about it right now…has me angry, because I always try to give my children the best care,” Jackson stated. Like most parents, Jackson never dreamed that something like this could happen to her child while she was in daycare. Parents entrust the lives of their children with others when they leave them at daycare and they expect they will receive the best possible care and attention. If your child has been injured or abused at a daycare facility, call the Miami child injury lawyers at the Friedland | Carmona today. The Coral Gables personal injury attorneys are expert trial attorneys who will help you and your family recover compensation for your child’s injuries and resulting medical expenses. Don’t hesitate; call (305) 661-2008 today for your free consultation.

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