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More than Forty Vehicles Involved in Idaho Pileup, at Least Ten Injured

Icy roads mixed with quickly moving, heavy fog created the perfect recipe for disaster on a busy highway near Boise, Idaho during Thursday morning’s commute. The weather led to a pileup of more than forty vehicles, including a logging truck, and at least ten people were injured. According to authorities, the pileup crash occurred while emergency responders were attempting to clear a prior accident on Interstate 84, one of Idaho’s main east-west highways.

Idaho State Police Captain Bill Gardiner said, “Within a three- or four-minute timeframe, the fog rolled in.” Witnesses told authorities they could only see thirty to forty feet in front of them. A spokeswoman for the Idaho State Police stated that a driver in a black Subaru attempted to move to the right lane and away from the earlier wreck, but hit a silver Subaru in the process. A logging truck then struck the black Subaru, which caused a chain-reaction crash in the westbound lanes of Interstate 84 that also included four tractor trailers. Ten people were ultimately taken by ambulance to local hospitals, including the driver of the black Subaru. That driver was seriously injured and had to be extricated from his car, which had been severely crushed in the crash. The spokeswoman said it took crews about an hour to remove the man from his car. The driver’s injuries, which included a leg injury, were not considered life-threatening.

The highway was reopened around 2 p.m. Thursday, but police were still investigating the crash that afternoon and no citations had been issued. Sleeting rain that fell early Thursday morning caused a number of crashes in and around Boise. One of those accidents occurred around 6:30 a.m. on Interstate 84. An Idaho Transportation Department response vehicle was parked on the far left side of the road waiting for a tow truck to arrive to take a vehicle from the accident scene when the chain-reaction crash began. A separate crash happened not far ahead of the pileup due to what Idaho State Police believe was a driving becoming distracted by the scene of the pileup behind him. That secondary accident involved three to five vehicles and caused the accident scene to stretch over about a mile of the highway.

At least 10 injured in Idaho interstate pileup, January 9, 2013

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