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Mysterious Chicago-area Train Collision Causes Dozens of Injuries

According to officials, no one was at the controls of an empty commuter train on Monday when it crashed into another train at a suburban Chicago station. Dozens sustained injuries as a result of this mysterious crash. Officials are still unsure of how the train began moving. Video footage reveals that no one was operating the 4-car Chicago Transit Authority train as it moved the wrong way down the tracks towards a train parked about ten miles west of Chicago at the Harlem Avenue station. Investigators are still trying to determine whether the train somehow began moving on its own or whether someone set the train in motion intentionally or otherwise.

Amalgamated Transit Union President Robert Kelly stated that he had never before heard of a train just moving on its own. In order to start a train, according to Kelly, an individual would have to have a special key and know how to use that key. However, if investigators discover that the train did move down the tracks on its own, this issue must be addressed immediately, as it could happen to another train and the results could be worse next time. Authorities stated that around four dozen individuals who were on the parked train when the crash occurred were treated for minor injuries at the scene and at local hospitals.

Chicago Transit Authority spokesman Brian Steele stated that he, too, had never heard of an incident like this before. Steele stated that investigators are currently studying the video footage, signaling systems, and other available data in an effort to piece together what caused the crash. One of the issues with this process is that there are likely no witnesses who saw how the train first began rolling down the tracks. The train was originally parked in a spot beyond where any commuters or Chicago Transit Authority workers were able to see. A Chicago Transit Authority supervisor tried to stop the moving train by contacting it after he first saw it roll through the Forest Park station. After no one was able to make contact and stop the train, the motorman of the train parked at Harlem Avenue warned passengers in the first car to brace themselves for impact.

Dozens injured in Chicago-area train collision, September 30, 2013

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