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NHTSA Proposes New Safety Regulations for Child Car Seats

Last week the government proposed new regulations that would require child car seats to protect children from injury and death in side-impact crashes. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s proposed regulations would increase standards for child car seats for children weighing up to forty pounds by adding new tests that simulate side-impact automobile collisions. The NHTSA estimates that the new tests will prevent the deaths of approximately five children and injuries to about sixty-four others per year. NHTSA Acting Administrator David Friedman was quoted as stating, “Car seats are an essential tool for keeping young children safe in vehicles, and they have a proven track record of saving lives.”

The new proposed tests will simulate what is commonly known as a “T-bone” crash, where the front of a vehicle driving 30 mph will hit the side of a small passenger car driving 15 mph. Friedman said that testing the vehicles at “these speeds will cover over 90 percent of the side-impact crashes seen in the real world.” NHTSA officials reported that the tests will place the car seat on a sled and will have another sled strike the sled with the car seat, which will ensure that the car seats and not the vehicles themselves are being tested. The test will use not only an already approved twelve-month-old child dummy, but will add a three-year-old dummy.

Congress passed a transportation law in 2012, which requires that the NHTSA issue new regulations concerning car seats by later this year. However, NHTSA reports that it has been working on improving side-impact collision standards for years now. Some manufacturers have already taken steps to improve the protection afforded by their car seats in side-impact collisions. A spokeswoman for the Dorel Juvenile Group stated that the company has, since 2009, been adding small, already-inflated air bags into some of their car seat models to protect children’s heads in the event of a side-impact crash. The public will now have ninety days to provide commentary on the NHTSA proposal. The regulations will not be officially put in place until the agency has time to review the comments and respond to any pressing issues, which could take months or even years.

New rules sought to make child car seats safer January 22, 2013

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