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NYC Man Arrested After his Vehicle Swerves out of Control, Destroys Half a Block, and Injures Eight

Eight people were injured in Manhattan’s East Village early Wednesday morning when a vehicle barreling down an avenue spun out of control, over a sidewalk, and into a storefront flower stand. The crash occurred around 6:30 a.m. and left half a city block in disarray. One of the individuals critically injured was a sixty-year-old grocery store worker. Shaun Martin, the driver of the vehicle, was arrested by police who said Martin was driving under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.

Investigators are still unsure of how fast Martin was travelling down the road, but one witness, Dr. Alvaro Alban, stated that he saw two vehicles racing down Second Avenue at a high rate of speed. He said the cars were “swerving around” and that “when the white car swerved right, it lost control.” Martin was operating a rented Nissan Altima. After he swerved, he plowed through everything on the sidewalk, including a twenty-five-foot-tall tree, a telephone booth, parked bicycles, a parking kiosk, and a street sign. When the Altima hit the flower stand, it overturned an outdoor refrigerator case.

Numerous people were hospitalized, including three grocery store workers. Martin, a thirty-two-year-old resident of Queens, has faced drug possession and drunken driving charges before. Investigators are still looking into reports of a second car racing down the street. This crash occurred just three days after a drunk driver killed a woman walking on a sidewalk in Brooklyn and fifteen days after a teenager operating his parent’s vehicle without a license struck and killed a four-year-old girl. The number of pedestrians killed in New York City traffic accidents has dropped twenty-three percent since 2001 with one-hundred-forty-eight pedestrians killed last year.

Car jumps onto NYC sidewalk, hurts 8; man arrested, June 19, 2013

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