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Officer Charged In Shooting Death Of Teen

An Arkansas police officer, Officer Josh Hastings, has been officially charged with felony manslaughter after he fatally shot a fifteen-year-old Bobby Moore Jr. Investigators determined that the account Hastings offered regarding the accident did not match up with the evidence recovered at the scene. Hastings was responding to a suspicious persons call at an apartment complex when, he claims, the car Moore was driving straight towards him. He then fired his weapon into the vehicle. Moore was pronounced dead at the scene. Evidence recovered by the police chief shows that the car was either stopped or moving in reverse when Hastings discharged his weapon.

After reviewing the evidence, Little Rock Police Chief Stuart Thomas “concluded that the incident did not occur in the manner represented by the officer and that the use of deadly force did not conform to departmental orders.” He also added that prosecutors “agreed ‘the use of deadly force was not necessary.'” The chief discovered evidence that the vehicle “had stopped several feet from Hastings ‘and that the driver was in the process of reversing direction when the shots were fired.'” Hastings also claimed that Moore drove past him; however the car came to rest after colliding with a parked vehicle behind it, supporting the evidence that the car was moving in reverse.

Hastings has a history of disciplinary issues with department, having been suspended six times in the five years prior to the shooting. Hastings was booked into jail, but made bond and was released. The felony manslaughter charge carriers a maximum penalty of ten years in prison and a $10,000 fine. Hastings attorney stated that he believes his client used a reasonable amount of force. Hastings has been relieved of duty while administrative proceedings are underway.

Officer charged in Arkansas teen’s shooting death, September 07, 2012.

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