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Ohio Bus Passengers Bring Suit Against Greyhound

Greyhound Lines, Inc. is facing a federal civil lawsuit brought by three passengers aboard a company bus that flipped over and crashed in Ohio in September. The three passengers who brought the lawsuit are Winston-Salem, NC resident Tyrone Allen, Detroit resident Rayvar Williams, and Halladay, TN resident Lorianne Stevens. The attorney representing the passengers in the lawsuit is Geoffrey Fieger, a lawyer from suburban-Detroit.

The three plaintiffs filed the lawsuit last Friday and requested a jury trial. They allege that Greyhound was negligent and inflicted emotional distress. The Greyhound bus was traveling from Cincinnati to Detroit with fifty-one people aboard on September 14 when it veered off Interstate 75 around twenty-five miles north of Cincinnati. The bus struck a fence and tree. Over thirty people were said to be injured in the accident. The driver of the bus, Dwayne Garrett, was cited by authorities for operating a vehicle without reasonable control. Alexandra Pedrini, a spokeswoman for Greyhound, stated Monday that the company will not discuss a pending lawsuit.

3 passengers file federal suit in Ohio bus crash, December 30, 2013

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