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Ohio State Highway Patrol Video shows Speeding Driver before Fatal Crash

A fiery two-car crash killed a Toledo, Ohio couple on Thanksgiving. A dash camera video recorded by two Ohio troopers that shows a car racing past at a high speed was released Tuesday. This car raced past just minutes before the deadly collision occurred. The video, which was taken by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, shows troopers struggling to catch up to the fast-moving car.

The video from the first trooper’s vehicle shows a car speeding past the trooper’s vehicle on the right and quickly fading into the distance. The video from the second trooper’s car shows a trooper who had been alerted to the speeding car about to turn around on the Ohio Turnpike when the car sped past. The trooper was unsuccessful in his chase for the car, but about ten minutes later he came across what appeared to be an accident scene with vehicles on fire. The trooper rushed to the car with a fire extinguisher and yelled out to bystanders to see if anyone was in the car. The dash camera video caught one man telling the trooper that the car passed him traveling “about 150 mph.” The driver of the speeding car was a twenty-four-year-old Kent, Ohio resident. He was charged with vehicular homicide and was being held in jail on $1 million bond.

Video captures speeding driver before Ohio crash, December 10, 2013

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