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Painters Fall Three Stories At Boca Raton Office Park

Earlier this morning, three painters working on the third story of an office building fell from their perch and crashed into the ground at a Boca Raton office park. The painters, who were working at 4800 Conference Way South, were working from bucket trucks when one of the painters reached for something sitting atop the building’s ledge. Despite wearing harnesses, all three fell when the painter reached for the object. Witnesses were unable to determine whether the painters were connected to a bucket.

The men, who worked for Color Construction, were working as subcontractors for a technology center located near I-95. One of the painters was taken to a Boca Raton hospital with unspecified injuries. The other two painters remained at the scene and met with police and a city inspector following the incident.

Three painters fall from bucket trucks at Boca Raton office park, July 26, 2012.

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