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Passenger Sexually Assualted Aboard Cruise Ship, Files Suit In Miami

A former Royal Caribbean Cruise passenger known only as S.M. filed a federal lawsuit this month, alleging that she was attacked and sexually assaulted aboard a New Year’s cruise. On January 1 the passenger was attacked while aboard the Navigator of the Seas on an Eastern European cruise. In her complaint, the passenger alleges that the attack was partially captured on a surveillance video.

In her complaint, the passenger explains that on the morning of the attack, she was up on the upper deck using the whirlpool when she asked a crewmember to get her a towel. The crewmember took her into a bathroom and then proceeded to sexually assault her. At one point, she tried to escape but was dragged back into the room by the crewmember. She was eventually able to get away and informed ship security of the attack. Her attorney believes that security kicked the attacker off the ship when they reached the next port. Her lawsuit claims that the surveillance video depicts her entering the bathroom behind the crewmember, as well as her attempt to escape.

The passenger’s attorney alluded that the cruise company did not care that his client was assaulted. “This is a problem in the cruise industry and if the company cared, it wouldn’t just turn this guy loose in the nearest port. You need to cooperate with the victim and assist in bringing him to the proper authorities,” he said in a statement. A Royal Caribbean representative stated that the company responded quickly and preserved necessary evidence, including the security footage, which it believed would be helpful to law enforcement. The representative also revealed that the crewmember is no longer employed with Royal Caribbean. However, law enforcement has not arrested the crewmember.

Female passenger alleges crew attack on Royal Caribbean cruise ship, August 15, 2012.

Believing that nothing bad can happen to them, many passengers mistakenly let their guard down while aboard a cruise ship. However, numerous happen onboard cruise ships and there is no police force onboard to protect passengers. Further, crewmembers are often expected to downplay serious incidents so as not to alarm other passengers. Additionally, many passengers believe they are unable to sue a major cruise line, which is not the case. If you have been injured aboard a cruise ship, contact the Miami cruise ship injury lawyers at the Friedland | Carmona today. The Fort Lauderdale boating accident lawyers have dedicated over twenty years to helping accident victims recover compensation for their injuries from major cruise lines. If you’ve been injured, call the Coral Gales personal injury lawyers at (305) 661-2008 today for your free consultation!

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