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Police Delay Complicates Tow Truck Death Investigation

Police delay has further complicated the investigation into the death of the Associate Dean at Fort Lauderdale’s Keiser University. Last Wednesday, 39-year-old Elias Konwufine died at Broward Health Medical Center within hours of being run over by his own vehicle as a tow truck driver attempted to remove it from Konwufine’s driveway in the Sienna Green condominium complex of Lauderhill. The man’s death has now turned into a full-blown traffic homicide investigation, which may have been irreparably tainted by the police’s failure to secure the crime scene and tow truck.

There are conflicting accounts of what exactly led to Konwufine’s death, but it is clear that it began when a tow truck driver arrived at Konwufine’s residence in an attempt to remove his vehicle. His vehicle was supposedly sticking out of his driveway into the sidewalk area in violation of condominium association rules. The tow truck driver claims that Konwufine “jumped on the running board of the tow truck and was pounding on the window.” The driver claims that he saw Konwufine “get back off the truck,” but then he felt “a bump,” which is presumably when Konwufine was run over by his own vehicle. Other witnesses state that this is not an accurate depiction of what occurred that day.

As the tow truck drove away, Konwufine’s wife saw her husband laying on the sidewalk with blood coming from his forehead. An ambulance and police soon arrived. Both departed the scene at the same time, police claiming that they believed the injuries were not that serious. The police did not return to the scene until after they had learned of Konwufine’s death. Konwufine’s vehicle remains in the police impoundment lot, while the tow truck has not been seized by police. Investigations continue in the case.

Tow truck death investigation may have been complicated by police delay, say lawyers, January 21, 2013

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