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Port St. Lucie Man Dies After Attacked By Pitbull

In February 2009, eighty-three year old Port St. Lucie resident Robert Klatch was riding in a gold cart, with his shih tzu, Shayna, running alongside. As Shayna was running, she was approached and attacked by a pitbull named Buddy. Klatch stopped the golf cart and trying to prevent the attack. In the process, he too was attacked by the pitbull. Less than two months later, in April 2009, Klatch was dead from the injuries sustained during the attack.

Klatch’s family has filed a wrongful death suit, claiming that Buddy was running around without a leash when he attacked Klatch. Klatch was bitten in the attack and fell out of the golf cart, and as a result, “Mr. Klatch’s health went steadily down as a result of complications from the fall,” according to his attorney. The suit lists Buddy’s owners, Harvey and Jane Cutler and Cascade at St. Lucie West Residents’ Association and Castle Management as defendants. Cascade and Castle Management have been listed because they allegedly failed to enforce the dog weight limits and leash laws within the community’s governing documents. Also listed as defendants are the Cutler’s insurance companies, the homeowner’s association and the management company.

Wrongful death suit filed over Port St. Lucie dog attack, October 11, 2011

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