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Scissor Lift Topples in Port Everglades, Two Dead, One in Critical Condition

Two Broward County Public Works employees were killed Friday morning at busy Port Everglades when a platform scaffold toppled over. A third worker was transported to Broward Health Medical Center in critical condition. The scissor lift fell on its side around 11 a.m., causing the workers atop of it to go flying through the air and come crashing several stories down to the pavement. The workers were performing routine maintenance on a moveable passenger bridge that allows cruise ship passengers to descend from the ship at the port. There were no passengers on the bridge at the time of the collapse.

Shortly after the lift fell, Broward Fire-Rescue was called to the scene at 1801 SE 18th Street in Fort Lauderdale, just before the Intercoastal’s barrier wall. Occupational Safe and Health Administration (OSHA) officials are expected to investigate the scene. OSHA regulations require particular fall protection equipment, such as guardrails or harnesses, when a fall of six or more feet is possible at a construction site.

The scissor lifts are made up of scissor-like joints that are positioned on a wheeled machine that makes a work platform move up and down. Accidents often occur on scissor lifts when the load is too heavy for the lift, the operator moves the lift while the platform is extending, causing an imbalance, or when the operator has not been properly trained. Port Everglades is the largest port in Florida and the second busiest cruise port in the world. Unfortunately, the port has experienced its fair share of accidents. Just a week ago, on March 6, a ninety-one-foot barge was offloaded after it accidently dumped twenty-two containers at sea. Two years ago, a man was killed after being hit by a tractor-trailer.

Two dead in platform topple at Port Everglades, March 15, 2013

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