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Two Crashes on Busy Stretch of Kentucky Highway Killed 6, Injured 5

Six people are dead and five injured after two multi-car crashes on a Kentucky highway on Saturday, March 2. Kentucky State Police continue to investigate whether distracted driving caused a tractor-trailer to slam into an SUV filled with eight people and possibly triggered a serious accident on the other side of the highway. The tractor-trailer crash occurred late in the morning and was followed fifteen minutes later by a multi-car crash on the other side of Interstate 65. The second crash injured three.

Although it was snowing that morning, Master Trooper Norman Chaffins stated that weather was not a factor in either accident. The driver of the tractor-trailer, Ibrahim Fetic, forty-seven, said that he saw the SUV in front of him and he hit his brakes, but not in time to avoid impact. The crash occurred just fifteen miles from a crash in 2010 where eleven people died after a tractor-trailer crossed the median and hit a van. The National Transportation Safety Board determined that the truck driver in that crash was distracted by his cellular phone. Police are currently looking at Fetic’s driving logs and examining a blood sample collected at the scene.

The six people killed in the SUV were members of an extended family from Wisconsin. The driver and his wife, along with a family friend, and two foster children were among the dead. The two survivors were also foster children. Both were transported to hospitals, one with a broken spine and burns and the other with cuts to the back of his head.

Pair of Ky. highway crashes kills 6, injures 5, March 3, 2013

The two crashes shut down this busy stretch of highway for nearly five hours. The first crash occurred when the tractor-trailer slammed into the Ford Expedition immediately in front of it, which caused that vehicle to hit the car in front of it. The driver of that car suffered minor injuries. The Ford Expedition was returning to Wisconsin from a trip to Orlando, Florida. The SUV was completely engulfed in flames. One eyewitness stated that two people emerged from the SUV and one appeared to be on fire. The second crash occurred at the same location on the southbound side of the highway. Four vehicles collided, including one tractor-trailer. Police suspect that people were looking at the crash on the other side of the road and became distracted. Three were injured in this second crash and transported to hospitals.

Distracted driving has grown to be a major concern in recent years. Looking down at a cellular phone, the radio, or off to the side of the road for even a split second can cause a driver to lose control and cause serious damage to his or her own vehicle, as well as nearby vehicles. This is particularly true when the distracted driver is operating a large tractor-trailer. The Broward truck accident attorneys at the Friedland | Carmona have over two decades of experience helping families recover after the loss of loved ones in these accidents. The Coral Gables wrongful death attorneys can help you pick up the pieces after a tragic automobile accident. If someone you love was killed in a motor vehicle accident, call (305) 661-2008 today for your free consultation.

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