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Six People Injured when Driver Crashes into California Tutoring Center

Six people were injured on Monday in California, including a seventy-six-year-old man who drove his car into a California tutoring center. Police said two of the injured were people who became trapped underneath the man’s vehicle. Huntington Beach resident Peter Hauk was the man who drove into the Orange County tutoring center. Police did not immediately release whether he was charged or cited after being transported to a hospital with minor injuries.

The Tutoring Club offers programs for kindergarten through high school students. David Hill, the owner, said he was on the opposite side of the building in an office when Hauk drove into the building. Hauk drove directly into a room where somewhere between nine and twelve children were working on their reading, math, and other skills. Hill said all of a sudden he heard a “loud screech, smash and screaming.” Looking through a window, a car could be seen well within the building with its lights flashing. There appeared to be drops of blood along the sidewalk.

Hill does not remember exactly what occurred next, but he ran into the next room. One of the tutors was one of the individuals trapped under the car. Hill and others tried to free him. Hauk kept telling Hill that it was an accident. Hill said Hauk appeared to be “a little in shock.” Nearby police officers responded to the accident scene immediately. Firefighters removed the two victims that were trapped underneath the car, including a thirty-two-year-old man with traumatic life-threatening injuries and a twenty-year-old man with serious injuries. Both were taken to a hospital. The driver, two fifteen-year-old boys, and a sixty-seven-year-old woman were all taken to a hospital with minor injuries. Police continue their investigations of the accident.

Man drives car into Calif. tutoring center; 6 hurt, August 19, 2013

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