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South Florida Implements New Campaign To Protect Cyclists And Pedestrians

Fearly Brownlee always told his family that he was worried about riding his bike on South Florida’s roadways, but it was his only mode of transportation. When a county bus clipped him a few months ago, he assured his family that he would be more careful. Yet, he was struck by a car and killed as he was walking his bike across an intersection on July 17. Following Brownlee’s death and the death of two cyclists struck and killed by a fleeing burglar, the state of Florida announced it was launching a campaign to reduce the number of bike and pedestrian fatalities in the state. Florida is known for having some of the deadliest roads in the nation.

The new campaign is aimed at increasing “public awareness, safer street design, bike paths and enhanced police work.” But state officials claim that drivers need to change their mindsets in order to reduce the number of deaths. The state has been given a $7.5 million grant by the Department of Transportation for their mission. The four cornerstones of the campaign are what creators call the four “E”s: engineering, education, enforcement and emergency services.

In 2010, there were over 5,000 bicycle accidents reported in Florida. Statistics show that most vehicles are struck in the front, about one half of bicycle accidents occur when the cyclist is crossing an intersection, and “failure to yield and careless driving on the part of the motorist were listed as contributing causes to the accidents 23 percent and 10 percent of the time.” Expect to see billboards, television ads and bus stop postings warning drivers to be aware of cyclists and pedestrians.

Crossroads between cyclists and motorists often fatal, August 10, 2012.

The slogans for the campaign are “Alert Today, Alive Tomorrow” and “Safety Doesn’t Happen By Accident.” Unfortunately, as evidenced by the need for the campaign, motorists often ignore or fail to see cyclists on the road. If you or a loved one has been injured in a cycling accident, call the Fort Lauderdale bicycle accident attorneys at the Friedland | Carmona today. As an avid cyclist, managing partner Jonathan Friedland understands the risks cyclists face when cycling in South Florida. If you’ve been injured, call the Miami personal injury attorneys today! Don’t hesitate. Call (305) 661-2008 today for your free consultation!

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