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Ten Injured in Forty-One Vehicle Pileup on Major Highway in Central Virginia

Forty-one cars, trucks, and other vehicles were involved in a pileup in Lexington, Virginia on Sunday that injured ten people. According to state police, the massive pileup on Interstate 81 in central Virginia was caused by a combination of factors, including a two-car accident, torrential downpours, and speeding. State police Sgt. A.D. Nicely stated that some of the tractor-trailers involved in Sunday’s pileup remained overturned on the side of the road Monday. Crews planned to remove these remaining vehicles later in the day Monday, once traffic decreased.

Numerous witnesses and victims were interviewed by police and indicated that a two-car accident occurred before the massive pileup. According to police, one of these cars came to rest in the median, blocking part of one lane while the other car blocked part of another lane, both facing in the same direction. As cars were trying to navigate between the two automobiles involved in the crash, a blinding rain began, reducing visibility to twenty feet or less. The original crash, along with the heavy rain and excessive speed all came together at once to cause vehicle after vehicle to collide.

In total, six tractor-trailers were involved in the pileup. Nicely said that some of the truck drivers veered off the road and overturned to avoid crashing into other automobiles, which likely saved lives. “I believe that decision on their behalf saved us a lot more injuries or fatalities. You don’t know what would have happened when you start having 80,000-pound vehicles slamming into 2,000-pound vehicles.” All southbound lanes on Interstate 81 were closed for hours. The highway did not fully reopen until late Sunday evening. Fortunately, no one suffered life-threatening injuries. Two of the ten injured individuals were airlifted to hospitals.

41-vehicle pileup in Virginia injures 10 people, August 12, 2013

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