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Three Dead After Plane Crashes Into Palm Coast Home

Last week, a plane travelling from Fort Pierce to Knoxville, Tennessee when their small plane experienced mechanical failure and crashed into a Palm Coast house before bursting into flames. The plane attempted to land at a central Florida airport but was unable to make it. The pilot, Michael Anders, told air-traffic controllers that the plane had been smoking and vibrating, while dealing with oil pressure and bad weather problems right before the crash.

Florida Highway Patrol has identified the three victims of the crash as pilot Michael Anders, Duane Shaw and Charissee Peoples. Controllers were trying to “use a surveillance approach to guide the plane into the Flagler County Airport,” but Anders warned the controllers that the plane was going to drop quickly. Moments later, the plane fell.

Officials from the National Transportation Safety Board were at the site of the crash the day after to investigate the matter. The crash “produced an intense heat fire that consumed a lot of the wreckage.” Investigators plan to send the plane’s engine to the manufacturer for closer analysis.

3 victims ID’d after plane crashes into Fla. home, January 05, 2013

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