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Two Dead, Eighty Injured in Texas Crash

Two people have died and more than eighty have been injured in Southeast Texas after at least 140 vehicles crashed into one another. Tractor-trailers were left “twisted on top of another” as authorities worked to pull survivors from the wreckage. The Thursday morning collision, which occurred outside of Houston, was the result of extremely foggy conditions.

The two passengers who have been pronounced dead were driving a Chevy Suburban were crushed by a tractor-trailer. Of the “80 to 90” people who were injured and transported to hospital, “10 to 12 of the victims were in critical condition.” The first accident on the east bound side led to a chain reaction involving up to 150 cars. The fog was so thick that deputies didn’t immediately realize there were multiple accidents. There were several crashes on the westbound side of the highway as well. The interstate was closed for more than eight hours.

2 killed, dozens injured in massive Texas pileup, November 21, 2012.

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