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Two Die in Miami Bus Accident, Families File Suit

Last weekend, on December 1, 2012, several passengers died and several more were injured in a bus crash at Miami International airport. The survivors and the families of the deceased have since filed lawsuits claiming the bus driver and the bus service company was negligent. The family of Francisco Ureña, one of the two passengers who died in the accident accused the bus driver of negligent homicide.

The bus driver, Ramón Ferreiro, a worker for Miami Bus Service Company, was driving thirty-two members of a local Jehovah’s Witness congregation to a general assembly in West Palm Beach when he got lost. Confused when he found himself at the airport, Ferreiro drove the 11-foot high bus past several signs indicating that the maximum height allowed was 8 feet, 6 inches and into the arrival area. He smashed the 11-foot-tall bus into an overpass, injuring thirty passengers onboard and killing the passengers closes to the front. All of the injured passengers went to local hospitals. According to reports, he took a wrong turn on Le Jeune Road and was speeding when he crashed into the overpass.

Families and survivors who have filed suit claimed they could not comprehend how Ferreiro missed the warning signs. “It is really mind-boggling how he could not pay attention to all the warnings that were there before his eyes when he is supposed to be a professional driver,” said one survivor’s attorney. “We find it to be total negligence and carelessness.” Ferreiro has not been charged criminally with any wrongdoing in the crash.

Families, survivors file suit in MIA bus crash, December 04, 2012.

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